Guide to Retirement Planning Strategies

Course Description

This course has been developed to give the advisor (licensed agent) a complete guide in the retirement planning strategy process. The course will focus on the five step retirement planning process and examines the various risk factors needed to be considered when developing a retirement plan for individual clients.

The course examines the various sources of retirement income based on the three-legged stool (Social Security, Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans, Savings and IRAs) and introduce a fourth leg to the stool consisting of insurance products and working in retirement.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the five steps in the retirement planning process
  • Identify the various risk factors in retirement planning
  • Know the strategies to maximize social security benefits
  • Describe the various types of qualified retirement plans available through an employer
  • Describe the features, benefits and rules of 401(k) plans including the uses of life insurance in a 401(k) plan
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of annuities in retirement planning: Deferred vs. Immediate and the Deferred Income Annuity
  • Present the importance of planning for rising health care costs in retirement
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Credit Hours: 15
Credit Type: General Financial Planning Principles
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Study Level: Intermediate
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